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Raising the perfect Sport horse

In our Breeding Program we set our breeding goals by first determining the purpose of what we want to produce: a hunter/jumper, dressage or eventing prospect. We make certain that the abilities of the stallion and mare match well; we only breed from superior bloodlines with proven success in their offspring and which have been imported from well known sources.

The most important things we provide in raising quality sport horses are: proper nutrition, veterinary care, hoof care, quality housing, top training and socialization. At Victoria House Hanoverians we supply all this and more to produce a good foal that will mature into a masterful sport horse. Other areas of importance are, of course proper care, body-care, hygiene and last but not least a lot of Love!

Horse training

Our specialized horse training concentrates on these critical areas:
  • classical horsemanship, training of movements for the equestrian sport of Dressage which tests the horse's physical ability, suppleness, responsiveness, balance and obedience - where horse and rider should seem as one as they perform a series of complex movements.

  • Cross Training in the Hunter/Jumper capabilities if prospect shows talent.

  • Pleasure Riding capabilities as appropriate.